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“This quietly magnificent debut dips into modal jazz, Afro-funk and analogue glitch” — Uncut

“Five heavyweights of the UK jazz scene step into the unknown” — Mojo

“Bristles with the fizz of improvisation as each of the five artists blend their distinctive flavours — Future Music

“Gloriously unpredictable” — Electronic Sound

Flock is a brand new collaboration between five leading musicians from London's open-minded jazz and experimental scenes: Bex Burch (Vula Viel), Sarathy Korwar, Dan “Danalogue” Leavers (Soccer96, A Comet Is Coming), Al MacSween (Maisha) and Tamar Osborn (Collocutor).

The musicians were first brought together by drummer Sarathy Korwar during March 2020 for one of Boiler Room, Total Refreshment Centre and Night Dreamer’s more memorable streamed sessions from early lockdown. Featuring parts played individually and remotely, the set comprised re-imagined versions of Charanjit Singh’s ‘Raga Malkauns’ and Terry Riley’s ‘In C’. It caught the attention of Strut Records and the label presented an open offer for the musicians to create a new, completely freeform project of their own choosing.

Gathering together at The Fish Factory in London Summer 2020, the approach was to try something fresh. “I had been working solo, shedding my own preconceptions about my music, and simply sitting at my instrument asking myself, ‘what music do I like today?’” explains Bex Burch. “I wanted to share this process in a room with the others. Everyone was really busy and I had some time so I reflected on what framework that needed. I wrote texts as scores for the session and knew the emphasis needed to be on breathing and listening to each other. On the day, we sat in a circle, Sarathy and Dan led 30 breaths together and I chose a text for each play. It was a really magical day. Everyone was just so open.”

‘Flock’ by Flock released in May 2022. Artwork is based on an exclusive new illustration piece by Muhammad “Rofi” Fatchurofi.